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1. Do I need a prescription to consume IP Natural Products?


No, our Products are foods. So they can be consumed freely without restrictions.

However, if you have any questions please consult your doctor.


2. What are the different ways to process the maca?


In the market are the powdered form of 3 ways:


a) Maca Maca pre-cocida.- was initially dehydrated roasted and then pulverized.


b) Maca Maca Gelatinizada.- dehydrated that has gone through a special process called gelatinization cooking. This process breaks down the long chains of starches, making it more palatable to maca. Then it is sprayed.


c) Extract maca.- Several types (aqueous, hydroalcoholic, etc.), but basically all consist of the extraction of active principles of maca with a solvent. This liquid extract is then dried to obtain a powdered extract. This process is what ensures the highest concentration of maca and in which are created our Products.


3. Are there different types of maca?


There are up to 14 types of maca by color. Each variety has its own characteristics and properties. The most studied colors are: Black, yellow and red.


4.- Does maca fattening me?


DiGosas tests have shown that maca not fattening.

Maca carbohydrates are quickly consumed by the body's cells.


5.- Contraindications and restrictions of the maca?


No reported.

However, if you have any questions please consult your doctor.


6. Why could give sleep by ingesting maca?


At Home maca consumption could present a feeling of sleep. This is because the body is adapting to the intake of high doses of nutrients. This feeling could be presented for 2 weeks after I started drinking, then disappear.


7. What are the different ways to process the camu camu?


In the market Flour and camu camu-camu camu Atomized sold.

Our Products are made with Atomized-camu camu.


8. How do I store the Products once acquired?


In a cool and dry place.


9. Can I place a delivery order?


Yes, we can call 1-866-406-5205




Toll Free Number 1-866-406-5205


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